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Online Media to Your Living Room
Yougle Vista brings the world of internet media to your Media Center PC, opening up an unlimited number of sources of video, audio, animations and pictures to keep you and your family entertained.

Yougle Vista Features

  • Media Center-Styled Interface
  • The product is designed to look and feel like the regular Media Center interface, meaning that your Yougle Vista experience is very accessible to every Media Center user and you can start using it almost immediately.
  • Customizable Sources
  • Yougle supports many different sources, and more can be added by users or companies that are interested in bringing more content to the Yougle system. You can download more sources at any time by simply selecting 'Add More Sources'. Sources created by both Push-A-Button and 3rd party developers are frequently added to the program.
  • Downloading
  • You can download from all picture and selected video and audio sources (such as YouTube), allowing you to keep your favourite movies stored on your Media Center hard drive, rather than needing to search for them every time you want to show your favourites off to friends.
  • Searching
  • Many sources support searching, allowing you to quickly jump to the media you are interested in without needing to scroll through hundreds of results

Unlockable Features

A payment or donation to Yougle Vista unlocks several options, including the ability to save your videos to different folders and save your favourite searches and groups so you can use them again later.

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