Unlock More Yougle Vista Features

Why Ask For Donations?

If you want to know why we ask for donations, please check our donation information page.

What Features Can I Unlock?

Yougle Vista contains a number of unlockable features only offered to people who have donated to the product.

Saved Filters/Searches

If you regularly perform the same searches or enjoy particular Flickr groups, WWITV countries etc. you can save any built-in or custom filter and have it appear at the top of your list.

Download Folders

When you download files, you will be able to choose while sub-folder you want to store your files in, such as Music, Movies - or you can create your own.
Breaking News
2 July 2008
New Versions Available

9 March 2008
Yougle 0.4.0 Out Now

5 December 2007
Fixes, Voting & Extender Testing Has Begun

28 October 2007
EMUCenter 0.5.0 Released

17 October 2007
New Forums Coming Online