Media Center Products

Bring online media to your lounge-room with Yougle Vista. Yougle gives you complete access to YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo! Music, Live365, MSN Soapbox, Flickr, Ian Dixon's Media Center Show, StrongBad's Emails and much more.

Turn your Media Center into an game center too, with EMUCenter. EMUCenter creates a complete interface to your Windows and emulated games collection, allowing you to browse and search your game collection from your remote control.

Tired of snatching the timer from the table to find how long the blinds have left to go? BlindTimer not only takes care of the timing on your big poker night, but also manages the blind levels for you and announces the changes for all to hear, while your music plays in the background.

Preview Release Products

Complete access to the Gnutella network directly from your Media Center. Download your public domain and freely released media as soon as you hear about it, and add it straight to you collection!

Flash Jukebox
The Media Center Flash Jukebox allows you to play flash games and animations from your couch - don't pay hard-earned cash for N+ on XBox Live when you can play the original on your Media Center for free!

Breaking News
2 July 2008
New Versions Available

9 March 2008
Yougle 0.4.0 Out Now

5 December 2007
Fixes, Voting & Extender Testing Has Begun

28 October 2007
EMUCenter 0.5.0 Released

17 October 2007
New Forums Coming Online