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The Media Center Game Launcher
Playing your media is only part of the entertainment options a PC in the living room can provide. EMUCenter helps bring more options to your Media Center experience by allowing you access to your full collection of Windows and emulated games in an easy to set up environment.

EMUCenter Features

  • Media Center-Styled Interface
  • The product is designed to look and feel like the regular Media Center interface, meaning that your EMUCenter experience is very accessible to every Media Center user and you can start using it almost immediately.
  • Filters and Searches
  • You can browse your collection with the arrow buttons, but you can also search for the game you want to run by simply typing it's name, or using filters. For example, you can filter for system, number of players, genre or manufacturer. You can also add filters together, so - for example - you can see only the Role Playing Games for the SNES.
  • Custom Emulator Files
  • Using XML-based emulator files, EMUCenter can launch games and maintain your collection for virtually any emulator. Using the Emulator Exchange, you can download emulators from other users and share yours with the world.
  • Image or Text Views
  • EMUCenter allows you to look at your game collection either as text or as screenshots and images. You can adjust your view to show different images with different aspect ratios. You can even create your own custom types of images to add - so rather than searching by a title screenshot, you can look at the box art, or the front of the CD.
  • All-In-One Configuration Program
  • The powerful configuration editor allows you to add new emulators to your EMUCenter experience, adjust their properties, download images from the MAWS archive for arcade games, and add, edit and maintain your complete collection of games.
  • Custom Metadata
  • EMUCenter doesn't force you to use only the filters that it decides you need. You can create custom metadata, allowing you to enter your own information about your games, so you can filter for them later. This also extends to allowing you to have your own types of picture and per-game command-line parameters, such as the CD/DVD image you need to load to run the game.

Unlockable Features

A payment or donation to EMUCenter unlocks several options, including the ability to store 'favourite' roms so you don't need to search through large rom collections, and the option to open EMUCenter in a filter view, rather than having to load the complete list of every ROM you own.

Pre-Built Emulators



Atari Lynx

Atari 2600

VirtualBoy / MESS / Mednafen

Gameboy Advance
VirtualBoy / MESS / Mednafen

Gameboy Color
VirtualBoy / MESS / Mednafen

Nintendo 64

Nintendo Entertainment System
NESTopia / Mednafen

Sega SG-1000/SC-3000
Kega Fusion

Sega Genesis
Kega Fusion

Sega Master System
Kega Fusion

Sega Saturn
Kega Fusion

Super Nintendo


Program Files / Installers

Software Development Kit