Programming with Media Center

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Learn how to program in Vista Media Center

A guide to programming in Windows Media Center using MCML, by Steven Harding - the developer of all of the Push-A-Button applications.

This Book Isn't Finished

I don't exactly have a lot of time spare in my life at the moment, so I don't have a lot of time to work on the book. As such, I'm offering it as an incomplete book - you are welcome to read it in it's incomplete state.

Please Donate To This Book

Technical books aren't cheap - usually. This one is an exception. But if the book helps you with your Media Center development, please considering donating to it - for your trouble, you'll be given a copy of the book with no watermark and security settings that allow high-quality printing, commenting and other tasks that are locked out of the Free Edition. Also, users who have donated will get early access to new editions as well as email-notification of the new edition being released.

Breaking News
2 July 2008
New Versions Available

9 March 2008
Yougle 0.4.0 Out Now

5 December 2007
Fixes, Voting & Extender Testing Has Begun

28 October 2007
EMUCenter 0.5.0 Released

17 October 2007
New Forums Coming Online