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Make your home poker game professional
Timing your poker game and keeping track of the blinds can be a little annoying - and for some mystical reason, whenever you are playing the big game, the batteries in your timer die. BlindTimer allows you to time your poker game and keep track of your blinds and antes in a clear way, while still allowing you to play your favourite music on your Media Center machine or extender

BlindTimer Features

  • Configurable Timing & Blind Levels
  • You can create your own unique combination of blind levels and times with the BlindTimer configuration program.
  • Exit and Run / Exit and Pause
  • You can pause the game at any time to take a break. If you leave BlindTimer - for example, to choose more music - and then go back to it within a reasonable amount of time, your game will continue. If you paused the game before leaving, you will continue from the point you paused it. If you did not, BlindTimer will continue as if it had been counting the entire time you had left the program.
  • Announcements
  • If you are running on your actual Media Center machine, blind changes (and the new blind amounts) will be announced with your computer voice. You will also be warned when there is only 1 minute left with the current blinds.

BlindTimer Defaults

Round Time: 15 Minutes

[ Big / Small / Ante ]

1st Round: 10/5/0
2st Round: 20/10/0
3st Round: 40/20/0
4st Round: 80/40/0
5st Round: 160/80/10

Blinds & Antes Double Every Round After This