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5 December 2007
Fixes, Voting & Extender Testing Has Begun

New & Updated Sources. Apple Trailers for Download!

Youtube is fixed - and thanks to new changes from Google, the YouTube source should now be much, much more reliable. Google now offers a higher quality API to access the videos, so Yougle should no longer experience those failures when YouTube changes it's look and feel.

Also, a new source is available thanks to Maylio on these forums. He has managed to get the Apple Trailers site working very nicely. Although videos may not be able to stream correctly in this version, you can freely download any of them - something I used to do regularly, but would require me to download them in Internet Explorer. 

Hopefully, the new YouTube update should be rolled out to everyone automatically the next time you start Yougle. Go to the 'Add More Sources' option to install the new Apple source.

New Version of Yougle Vista Released (Again)

There's a new version of Yougle Vista available from the Files section. It has a number of fixes and improvements, including the ability to download and update your sources directly from the Yougle Vista interface, type in the name of the tag or channel you want to view into sources such as Flickr and DivX Stage 6, and more.

Search is also updated, with a new text editor available, and repairs to DivX Stage 6, which has been out of commission for the last while.

I'm very sorry for 0.3.1a, which was a complete disaster - the program crashed out completely on most machines, due to the fact that I moved the Sources directory to aid in Media Center Extender compatibility. 0.3.1b should resolve the problems with the program.

What are you waiting for? Download the new version now.

Media Center Awards Voting Page Repaired

As I mentioned before, the Media Center Awards are now being voted on. The previous error has now been resolved, and Ian Dixon (and the Media Center Show) are now offering prizes for people who vote and leave their email address.

If you haven't voted yet, jump online - http://thedigitallifestyle.com/awards07/default.aspx

I Finally Have An Extender!

Those of you with XBox 360's (or who are eyeing off one of the new 3rd party V2 extenders on the market) will be happy to know that through both the generous donations of users of the software and through the equally generous assistance of Charlie Owen from Microsoft US, I now have a fully-functional XBox 360 console to test Media Center Extender functions.

Although I may be a little distracted by the glory that is Mass Effect, I'm now testing all of my applications for Extender compatibility (well, other than EMUCenter, as it is not designed as an extender-compatible program).

I've already isolated problems viewing pictures in Yougle Vista, and I'm aware of some issues with BlindTimer's sound. I'll report on (and hopefully fix) these glitches as I come across them, and I'll also be adding new features to adapt to Extender-specific limitations (eg. you will soon be able to specify which of your sources are accessible from your extender and which are not, as Extenders can not currently play Flash Video files).

In the mean time, you may find that the Donation box on the left-hand side of the screen has changed. My target is now to purchase the new version of Visual Studio (the system used to develop my Windows and Media Center applications). I'm currently running 2005, and there's no urgent need for the new version - I've just got the gauge there to let you know that I'm not going to blow all of your donations on popcorn :)

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