Push-A-Button Information

Although the website will frequently refer to 'our' or 'we', to be completely honest Push-A-Button is run by one man - Steven Harding, who develops software on a casual basis (with the dream of making it a commercial success) from his home in the city of Shellharbour, New South Wales, Australia.

Push-A-Button has existed for a few years now, making small Windows utilities and recently branching out into developing applications for Windows Media Center, firstly the 2005 version, but more recently a number of major programs for Media Center in Windows Vista.

If you are interested in contacting us with enquiries for custom Media Center software solutions, please feel free to get in touch through our contact page or via the forums

If you are just interested in knowing a little more about what we do and are doing, check out our news page, developer blog or the products page.
Breaking News
2 July 2008
New Versions Available

9 March 2008
Yougle 0.4.0 Out Now

5 December 2007
Fixes, Voting & Extender Testing Has Begun

28 October 2007
EMUCenter 0.5.0 Released

17 October 2007
New Forums Coming Online