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18 April 2008
EMUCenter - Clone Detection

EMUCenter has some excellent new features up and running now, and is getting closer and closer to testing release!

I've thrown in a number of new features that are going well. This morning, I finished the GoodTools Naming & Clone Detection. This feature allows all of your GoodTools named roms to be correctly decoded and translated into plain english, then sorted and the appropriate rom (preferably a VERIFIED one, and chosen based on your region of the world) is selected as a parent with all other roms with the same game name being set as clones.

You can now also add an emulator and it's systems directly from the EMUCenter Configuration Program. You can also adjust properties, such as the command-line, file extensions etc. from the same area.

You can also adjust view settings for your filters and your systems directly from the configuration program as well.

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